1. when i became a zeta tau alpha

  2. blondesouthernbeauty:

    New shirt we just got!

  3. emilycseitz:

    "To see beauty with its enriching influence"

    -Zeta Tau Alpha


  4. ratchetintherye:

    I wonder how Zetas are out here on tumblr, reblog this if you are a ZTA :)

  5. sororitysugar:

    ♕ seek the noblest 

  6. sororitysugar:

    ZTA strawberry fields forever theme 

  7. sororitysugar:


  8. sororitysugar:

    turquoise LUV ❤ 

    (Source: statigr.am)

  10. sororitysugar:

    spring break jersey 

  11. sororitysugar:

    think ZTA!

    think pink!

  12. One of my faves 💜💛#whitagram

  13. #tbt to the ΣΧ talent show with some of my favorite people ☺️

  14. I will never get tired of this view #ilovecollege

  15. Welcome home to my new and beautiful heart sister!!! Can’t wait to make so many memories with you!! 👑❤️ #zta #zetataualpha